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Created Jun 17, 2020
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l = ['B7','B6','E20','B5','B3','B2','C3','C0','C1','E22','G0','G2','G4','G5','G3','G1','E21','C2','B0','B1','B4']
n = []
path = '/sys/class/gpio'
for io in l:
num = ord(io[0])-ord('A')
num = num*32+int(io[1:])
for num in n:
print('echo %d >%s/export'%(num,path))
print('echo out >%s/gpio%d/direction'%(path,num))
print('while true;do ')
for num in n:
print('echo 1 >%s/gpio%d/value'%(path,num))
print('#sleep 1')
print('echo 0 >%s/gpio%d/value'%(path,num))
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