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Last active May 22, 2019 11:36
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Renew certificate using certbot for MongoDB
# Define variables
# renew cert
certbot renew
# combine latest letsencrypt files for mongo
# find latest fullchain*.pem
newestFull=$(ls -v /etc/letsencrypt/archive/"$DOMAIN"/fullchain*.pem | tail -n 1)
echo "$newestFull"
# find latest privkey*.pem
newestPriv=$(ls -v /etc/letsencrypt/archive/"$DOMAIN"/privkey*.pem | tail -n 1)
echo "$newestPriv"
# combine to mongo.pem
cat {$newestFull,$newestPriv} | tee /etc/ssl/mongo.pem
# set rights for mongo.pem
chmod 600 /etc/ssl/mongo.pem
chown mongodb:mongodb /etc/ssl/mongo.pem
# restart mongo
service mongod restart
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