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Created Jan 7, 2022
Jan 7 - The Daily Podcast transcript with speech to text and gpt3

From the New York Times: I'm likeable, I can borrow this. This election was rigged, everybody knows it. In the week's following November 3rd, as the election hung in the balance in a few key states, this colossal expansion of male and voting opened the flood gates of fraud. President Trump and his supporters tried to persuade local officials and courts to overturn the results. and in doing so exposed the most fragile aspects of our election system and democracy if we don't root out the fraud the tremendous and horrible fraud that took place in our two thousand and twentieth election we don't have a country anymore ultimately those efforts failed culminating in January sex we had an election that was stolen from us there was a landslide election and everyone knows it.

especially the other side, but you have to go now. But in the year since Republicans have appeared to systematically go after the laws and officials that stood in Trump's way, raising questions about whether the election system is weaker today

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# create project directory
mkdir <project-name>
# enter the directory
cd <project-name>
# install pyenv on your machine
curl | bash
# install python in pyenv
dataset_type = 'CocoDataset'
data_root = 'data/toyleaf/'
img_norm_cfg = dict(
mean=[123.675, 116.28, 103.53], std=[58.395, 57.12, 57.375], to_rgb=True)
train_pipeline = [
type='LoadAnnotations', with_bbox=True, with_mask=True, with_seg=False),
dict(type='Resize', img_scale=(1333, 800), keep_ratio=True),
dict(type='RandomFlip', flip_ratio=0.5),
for i in traces/*; do
if [ -d "$i" ]; then
trace=$(basename "$i")
MPKI=$(./run $i | grep -oP '(?<=MPKI: )[0-9]+([.][0-9]+)')
printf "%s : %s\n" "$trace" "$MPKI"
zachbellay / sshd.log
Created Aug 22, 2018
Attempted logins from many ips
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13884 2018-08-17 18:41:35.846 Server listening on :: port 22.
13884 2018-08-17 18:41:35.846 Server listening on port 22.
15076 2018-08-17 18:54:23.915 error: DsGetDcNameW() failed with error: 1355 \n
15076 2018-08-17 18:54:23.915 Invalid user karen from port 51376
15076 2018-08-17 18:55:53.924 error: maximum authentication attempts exceeded for invalid user karen from port 51376 ssh2 [preauth]
15076 2018-08-17 18:55:53.924 Disconnecting invalid user karen port 51376: Too many authentication failures [preauth]
10228 2018-08-17 18:56:07.824 error: DsGetDcNameW() failed with error: 1355 \n
10228 2018-08-17 18:56:07.824 Invalid user karen from port 51456
10228 2018-08-17 18:56:16.832 Connection closed by invalid user karen port 51456 [preauth]
8656 2018-08-17 19:02:18.390 Connection closed by port 60655 [preauth]
zachbellay /
Created Nov 12, 2017
Asking for help on how to get around problem of Selenium crashing after download(100).pdf
from selenium import webdriver
from time import sleep
import yaml
import os
import shutil
import textract
import re
from selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementException
from time import sleep