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3080 Ti Fans Not Spinning

I bought a Gigabyte 3080 Ti Gaming OC and noticed that only the fan closest to the ports would turn on. It was also locked at 100%, and the other fans weren't spinning at all. Sometimes I could get the furthest fan away from the output ports to turn on, but not consistently - and I could never get the middle fan spinning.

I was able to fix this by:

  • Unplugging and re-plugging my power supply cables into the card. You have to use two separate PCI-E power cables from the PSU to the GPU. You cannot use a single cable. It won't supply enough power.
  • Move the GPU to a different PCI-E slot on the motherboard. I have no idea why this would matter, but the GPU started working fine after I did this.

I run an Intel AX200 Wi-Fi 6 PCI card in my desktop computer. I've had weird issues, where suddenly the internet would cut out, drop, or otherwise be unreliable, causing me to endlessly refresh Slack and other webapps in frustration.

I couldn't find anything in my logs (journalctl -b) that was suspicious and couldn't figure out what was going on. The answer: Power saving mode was turned on by default in the card and needed to be turned off.

How to fix

Run iwconfig to see if power saving mode is on:


Community Game Designer @ Hack Club

Thank you to everyone who applied for this position. In total, 263 people submitted applications, writing more than 100,000 words in total. To every applicant: thank you. As of 2021-01-27, this posting is now closed.

At Hack Club (, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we're building a giant video game, but instead of being made out of bits and code, it's made out of teenagers. And instead of pushing players to get a high score, Hack Club helps teenagers learn to code, build the most meaningful friendships of their lives, and develop strong identities to become the future leaders our world needs.

Alongside the soccer players, theater kids, and band geeks, we aspire to create and foster a new type of high schooler: the teenage hacker. Our goal: to become as ubiquitous, as universal, and as culturally foundational for young people today as the Girl and Boy Scouts were 70 years ago.

Title: Community Game Designer


Using iPad as external monitor on Sway

From any1/wayvnc#7 (comment)

swaymsg create_ouput

swaymsg output "HEADLESS-1" resolution 1920x1080

wayvnc -o HEADLESS-1

zachlatta / style.css
Created September 16, 2020 19:35
CSS uploaded by
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@import url('');
:root {
--colors-background: #4287f5;
--colors-text: #161f29;
--colors-elevated: #f6ff96;
--colors-muted: #161f29;
--fonts-body: 'Ranchers', cursive;
zachlatta / index.css
Last active June 30, 2020 14:25 — forked from pauleks/index.css
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@font-face {
font-family: "Pixelated MS Sans Serif";
src: url( format("woff");
src: url( format("woff2");
font-weight: 400;
font-style: normal;
@font-face {
font-family:"Pixelated MS Sans Serif";src:url( format("woff");src:url( format("woff2");font-weight:700;font-style:normal;
zachlatta / scrapbook-css.css
Last active June 23, 2020 16:21 — forked from Anthonykung/scrapbook-css.css
Anthony's Hack Club Scrapbook CSS
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* *
* Name: scrapbook-css.css *
* Description: Anthony's Hack Club Scrapbook CSS *
* Date: June 20, 2020 *
* Created by: Anthony Kung *
* Business URL: *
* Author URL: *
* *
zachlatta / covid19-data.json
Last active March 14, 2020 07:30
Scraped COVID-19 case numbers in major countries as of today.
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"china": {
"2020-01-22": {
"totalCases": 571,
"newCases": 0,
"currentlyInfected": 554,
"totalDeaths": 17,
"newDeaths": 0
"2020-01-23": {

Launched 3 years ago, Hack Club is a global network of student-led hacker clubs across 35 states and 17 countries, impacting thousands of students each year. Our programs span hundreds of after-school clubs, dozens of student-led hackathons, a vibrant online Slack community with thousands of students, and a fiscal sponsorship program that recently crossed $800K in transactions.

We’re looking to bring in a Director of Club Operations to systematize and grow our primary program: clubs. You will own the end-to-end club experience, including processes to deliver high-quality mentorship to hundreds of club leaders worldwide, enabling Hack Club to scale beyond the number of calls our team can take in a week. If successful, this position will bring Hack Club from 2% of US high schools to becoming as ubiquitous and culturally foundational as the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

This role has C-level freedom, as well as responsibility. You will b


Hack Club Bank Product Engineer @ Hack Club

Launched 3 years ago, Hack Club is a global network of student-led hacker clubs now spanning 315 high schools, 35 states, and 17 countries with an estimated 10,000 students impacted by our programs each year.

We’re looking to bring in a product-minded full stack engineer to own development and growth of Hack Club Bank, which we launched on Hacker News four months ago (

Hack Club Bank is growing quickly, crossing $600K in transactions two weeks ago. You will have a founder-like engineering role and will work with our founder and Executive Director to flesh out the vision and strategy. You will lead the charge to get us to $6M in transactions over the next 12 months. The potential goes way beyond high school hackathons: it’s every US nonprofit with an annual budget of under ~$300K (see

The product is revenue generating, we’re a well-fun