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Angular Multi-Select Revue

Angular Multi-Select Revue

isteven Angular MultiSelect


  • Lots of features. Can be very pretty.
  • The codebase is large and sloppy.
  • I had performance issues with a large data-set.
  • Model-binding seems wonky

alexandernst angular-multi-select


  • Fork of isteven project above (isteven/angular-multi-select#282)
  • Code issues are cleaned up. Numerous and frequent commits. Some new features, etc...
  • Implements nested items
  • Has real performance issues with Large datasets

dotanshima AngularJS Dropdown Multiselect


  • Lodash
  • Bootstrap CSS


  • Simple look
  • < 300 lines of source code

amitava82 angular-multiselect


  • ~ 300 Lines of code
  • Nice balance of size & features
  • "Work in progress", some problems & inconsitancies
  • Not being actively developed by creator, but he is receptive to feedback and PRs


shalotelli angular-multiselect


AngularStrap select/multi-select


  • looks nice and clean
  • good documentation
  • big project to pull in for one component
  • no filtering

angular-ui ui-select


Simple Home-rolled (no author?)

Simple Home-rolled (Rashim Muddin)

Simple Home-Rolled (long2know)

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mcshaz commented Sep 28, 2016

Thank you for keeping this useful resource up to date.

I also stumbled across which seems focused on performance for large data sets, but seems primitive in its features/display.

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