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import java.util.*;
public class IsTreeBinarySearchTree {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// build a tree with Nodes...root is root Node
System.out.println((isTreeBST(root) ? "Tree is BST!" : "Tree is NOT BST!"));
public static boolean isTreeBST(Node root) {
return isTreeBSTUtil(root, Integer.MIN_VALUE, Integer.MAX_VALUE);
public static boolean isTreeBSTUtil(Node root, int minVal, int maxVal) {
// base case, below tree
if (root == null) return true;
if ( > minVal && <= maxVal &&
isTreeBSTUtil(root.left, minVal, &&
isTreeBSTUtil(root.right,, maxVal))
return true;
return false;
class Node {
int data;
public Node left;
public Node right;
public Node(int n) {
data = n;
left = null;
right = null;
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