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Last active May 13, 2019 18:35
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#QueryInputs is a list or dataframe containing selectInput values
#We would just have to update the QueryInputs object and then re-run QueryResults to refresh the output and regenerate the table (I hope)
QueryResults <- function(QueryInputs) {
Level2 <- dbReadTable(pool, 'level2')
filtered <- Level2
if (!is.null(QueryInputs$Locus)) {
filtered <- filtered %>% filter(Locus %in% QueryInputs$Locus)
if (!is.null(QueryInputs$Blank)) {
filtered <- filtered %>% filter(Blank %in% QueryInputs$Blank)
if (!is.null(QueryInputs$Modification)) {
filtered <- filtered %>% filter(Modification %in% QueryInputs$Modification)
if (!is.null(QueryInputs$Period)) {
filtered <- filtered %>% filter(Period %in% QueryInputs$Period)
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