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GravityView - Disable setting cookies on front-end of site
add_filter( 'gravityview_js_localization', 'gravityview_disable_frontend_cookies' );
* Disable setting cookies for back links on the front-end of the site
* Requires GravityView 1.22.1
* @param array $js_localization Settings for JS, including cookie path
* @return array $js_localization, without cookie path
function gravityview_disable_frontend_cookies( $js_localization ) {
unset( $js_localization['cookiepath'] );
return $js_localization;
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asiainorama commented Mar 14, 2022

Please, can you explain for newbies where to add this code?
I have problems with cookies because gravity views doesn't show the changes when edit forms.
In adittion, I've installed this plugin but doesn't solve the problem.
Thanks in advance.

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zackkatz commented Apr 26, 2022

@asiainorama Please check out this article for where to add code.

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