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iOS default font sizes - also available on
let styles: [UIFont.TextStyle] = [
// iOS 17
.extraLargeTitle, .extraLargeTitle2,
// iOS 11
// iOS 9
.title1, .title2, .title3, .callout,
// iOS 7
.headline, .subheadline, .body, .footnote, .caption1, .caption2,
for style in styles {
let font = UIFont.preferredFont(forTextStyle: style)
print("\(style): \(font.fontName) @ \(font.pointSize)")
Style Font Size
.extraLargeTitle SFUI-Bold 36.0
.extraLargeTitle2 SFUI-Bold 28.0
.largeTitle SFUI-Regular 34.0
.title1 SFUI-Regular 28.0
.title2 SFUI-Regular 22.0
.title3 SFUI-Regular 20.0
.headline SFUI-Semibold 17.0
.callout SFUI-Regular 16.0
.subheadline SFUI-Regular 15.0
.body SFUI-Regular 17.0
.footnote SFUI-Regular 13.0
.caption1 SFUI-Regular 12.0
.caption2 SFUI-Regular 11.0
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Thanks 👍
This is useful documentation :)

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Thank you!
I am guessing these results are from running the code with the default user font preferences?

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zacwest commented Aug 24, 2017

@NikolaKirev Correct, this is just at the default dynamic type size. You can see a graph of what happens to the type sizes in this graph.

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what are the font sizes for iPad?

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I think when considering accessibilities this won't be the correct size anymore.

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Useful... Thanks

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Usefu! Thanks!

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gesabo commented May 5, 2021

is WatchOS different? On WatchOS .footnote seems to be smaller than .caption and .caption2 🤔

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Thank you for posting this.

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gchatz22 commented Aug 5, 2021

This is very useful!

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brzzdev commented Nov 21, 2022

In case anyone else finds a side by side comparison with macOS useful:

Style iOS macOS
.largeTitle Regular 34.0 Regular 26.0
.title1 Regular 28.0 Regular 22.0
.title2 Regular 22.0 Regular 17.0
.title3 Regular 20.0 Regular 15.0
.callout Regular 16.0 Regular 12.0
.headline SemiBold 17.0 Bold 13.0
.subheadline Regular 15.0 Regular 11.0
.body Regular 17.0 Regular 13.0
.footnote Regular 13.0 Regular 10.0
.caption1 Regular 12.0 Regular 10.0
.caption2 Regular 11.0 Medium 10.0

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Thank you! bb

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