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Last active Nov 26, 2019
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$fullred: #ff0000;
body {
font-family: Helvetica, Verdana
p {
padding: 7px 10px;
#demo {
border: 1px solid $fullred;
<p>Result will appear below with 1 sec delay</p>
<div id="demo"><p>This text will be replaced</p></div>
<p><a href='' target='_new'>Documentation</a></p>
<p><a href='' target='_new'>Gist Demo</a></p>
window.addEvent('domready', function() {
new Request.HTML({
url: '/gh/gist/response.html/606699/',
data: {'delay': 1},
method: 'post',
update: 'demo',
onSuccess: function(response) {
name: Request.HTML - jsFiddle/Gist integration demo
description: jsFiddle demo hosted on Gist using HTML Request to get Ajax data
- Piotr Zalewa
- /js/empty.js
- /css/normalize.css
normalize_css: no
lang_css: SCSS
<p>This <span>content</span> is loaded from Gist via XHR request (<span>Ajax</span>)</p>
<p>It has also some <span>JavaScript</span> code which is setting the background for spans</p>
<script type='text/javascript'>
$$('#demo span').each(function(el) {
el.setStyle('backgroundColor', '#ffb');

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