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#include <CapacitiveSensor.h>
* CapitiveSense Library Demo Sketch
* Paul Badger 2008
* Uses a high value resistor e.g. 10M between send pin and receive pin
* Resistor effects sensitivity, experiment with values, 50K - 50M. Larger resistor values yield larger sensor values.
* Receive pin is the sensor pin - try different amounts of foil/metal on this pin
CapacitiveSensor sensor = CapacitiveSensor(5,6); // 10M resistor between pins 5 & 6, pin 6 is sensor pin, add a wire and or foil if desired
CapacitiveSensor sensor2 = CapacitiveSensor(5,A2); // 10M resistor between pins 5 & A2, pin A2 is sensor pin, add a wire and or foil if desired
void setup()
void loop()
long start = millis();
long total1 = sensor.capacitiveSensor(30);
long total2 = sensor2.capacitiveSensor(30);
Serial.print(millis() - start); // check on performance in milliseconds
Serial.print("\t"); // tab character for debug windown spacing
Serial.print(total1); // print sensor output 3
delay(10); // arbitrary delay to limit data to serial port
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