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zanderwar /
Created January 7, 2024 10:55
Shopify Query Params As Variables

Sometimes it may be useful to use query parameter values in your liquid template within Shopify, however Shopify does not expose this information.

Conveniently the content_for_header output actually includes the full page url that is being used, so with a chain of liquid filters we can actually extract this information into something we can use.

Copy the file below into your snippets folder, and on any template that you need to access query strings, simply use the following code:

{% include 'query-to-variables' %}
Sorting by {{ paramSortBy }}
zanderwar / DataObjectLinkTracking.php
Last active January 31, 2018 04:30
Just in case someone else wants to use HTMLText in DataObjects and be able to publish the images that clients can upload into TinyMCE - SilverStripe 4
namespace Vulcan\Common\Traits;
use SilverStripe\Assets\File;
use SilverStripe\Forms\FieldList;
use SilverStripe\ORM\HasManyList;
* Trait DataObjectLinkTracking
zanderwar / Page.php
Created January 20, 2018 03:18
Easier requirements for SilverStripe 4
use SilverStripe\CMS\Controllers\ContentController;
use SilverStripe\CMS\Model\SiteTree;
* Class Page
class Page extends SiteTree
zanderwar / AbstractApiController.php
Created October 15, 2017 06:41
Just a simple API output controller for SilverStripe 4
namespace Zanderwar\Api\Controllers;
use SilverStripe\Control\Controller;
use SilverStripe\Control\HTTPResponse;
use SilverStripe\Core\Config\Config;
use SilverStripe\Core\Convert;
zanderwar / ModifyModelAdminGridFieldConfig.php
Created June 9, 2017 12:49
An example of swapping the GridFieldConfig of a particular GridField in a ModelAdmin
class Example extends ModelAdmin
private static $url_segment = 'Example';
private static $menu_title = 'Example';
private static $managed_models = [
zanderwar / PopulateFormDefaults.php
Last active June 14, 2017 04:43
Populates a SilverStripe Form subclass with DataObject values
class MyForm extends Form
* @param Customer $customer
* @return $this
public function setObject(DataObject $object)
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