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Created December 16, 2014 11:52
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Read UID from HID iClass cards
from smartcard.CardType import AnyCardType
from smartcard.CardRequest import CardRequest
from smartcard.util import toHexString, toBytes
from smartcard.CardMonitoring import CardMonitor, CardObserver
from smartcard.util import *
import urllib2
import time
# a simple card observer that prints inserted/removed cards
class printobserver( CardObserver ):
"""A simple card observer that is notified
when cards are inserted/removed from the system and
prints its uids. The code is not pretty but it works!
def update( self, observable, (addedcards, removedcards) ):
apdu = [0xff, 0xca, 0, 0, 0]
for card in addedcards:
cardtype = AnyCardType()
cardrequest = CardRequest( timeout=1, cardType=cardtype )
cardservice = cardrequest.waitforcard()
response, sw1, sw2 = cardservice.connection.transmit(apdu)
tagid = toHexString(response).replace(' ','')
print tagid
#urllib2.urlopen("http://your_web_servers_waiting_for_card_data/?uid=%s" % tagid, None, 3)
except Exception as e:
print "Exception detected: %s" % e
print "Card Monitor started..."
cardmonitor = CardMonitor()
cardobserver = printobserver()
cardmonitor.addObserver( cardobserver )
while True:
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