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Created Sep 27, 2013
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jQuery.removeClass companion -- strips out matching segments
$.fn.stripClass = function (partialMatch, endOrBegin) {
/// <summary>
/// The way removeClass should have been implemented -- accepts a partialMatch (like "btn-") to search on and remove
/// </summary>
/// <param name="partialMatch">the class partial to match against, like "btn-" to match "btn-danger btn-active" but not "btn"</param>
/// <param name="endOrBegin">omit for beginning match; provide a 'truthy' value to only find classes ending with match</param>
/// <returns type=""></returns>
var x = new RegExp((!endOrBegin ? "\\b" : "\\S+") + partialMatch + "\\S*", 'g');
this.attr('class', function (i, c) {
if (!c) return;
return c.replace(x, '');
return this;
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