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@zaus zaus/compObj.js
Last active Jan 18, 2016

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Simple javascript comparison of two objects with console logging/warning when different
* Compare versions of objects and warn of differences
* @param {object} v1 variant 1
* @param {object} v2 variant 2
* @param {bool} stringify optionally (if provided and `true`) stringify the variant parameters when dumping
* @param {string} root [internal use] nested key placeholder
* @example <caption>Example comparing two things:</caption>
* // should result in warnings for 'foo' and 'somebool'
* compObj({foo: "bar", id: 123, somebool: true}, {bar: "foo", id: 123, somebool: 'true'});
* @returns {void} nothing -- see console logging
function compObj(v1, v2, stringify, root) {
// only the stuff in the first version
for(var k in v1) if(v1.hasOwnProperty(k)) {
// nested properties
if( typeof v1[k] === typeof {} ) compObj(v1[k], v2[k], false, (!root ? k : root + '.' + k) + '.');
// normal properties
else console[ v1[k] == v2[k] ? 'info' : 'warn' ](!root ? k : root + k, v1[k] == v2[k], v1[k], v2[k]);
// wanna see the whole thing? how to dump...
if(stringify) console.log(JSON.stringify(v1, null, 2), JSON.stringify(v2, null, 2));
else if(stringify !== false) console.log(v1, v2);
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