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zaxebo1 / timeEnabledJitsi.js
Created Aug 27, 2021 — forked from atfornes/timeEnabledJitsi.js
Jitsi : enable videoconference at a specific time
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// using jitsi API:
<script src=''></script>
const domain = '';
const options = {
roomName: 'JitsiMeetAPIExample',
width: '1200px',
height: '800px',
parentNode: document.querySelector('#conference')
zaxebo1 /
Created Jan 16, 2021 — forked from lucaswilric/
Back up, compress and encrypt a small MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
# This script dumps a database to SQL, compresses, encrypts and timestamps it, then saves it to Dropbox. Ideal for a cronjob.
# It uses symmetric encryption, so guard your password carefully.
# Dump a MySQL database
# Read this for how to get your password into mysqldump:
mysqldump -u username > database.sql
zaxebo1 / reclaimWindows10.ps1
Created Dec 29, 2020 — forked from alirobe/reclaimWindows10.ps1
This Windows 10 Setup Script turns off a bunch of unnecessary Windows 10 telemetery, bloatware, & privacy things. Not guaranteed to catch everything. Review and tweak before running. Reboot after running. Scripts for reversing are included and commented. Fork of (different defaults). N.…
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# Tweaked Win10 Initial Setup Script
# Primary Author: Disassembler <>
# Modified by: alirobe <> based on my personal preferences.
# Version: 2.20.2, 2018-09-14
# Primary Author Source:
# Tweaked Source:
# Tweak difference:
# @alirobe's version is a subset focused on safely disabling telemetry, some 'smart' features and 3rd party bloat ...
zaxebo1 / gist:e843dc8d6f8edc483aa65a3a3705d436
Created Oct 14, 2020 — forked from michalbcz/gist:2784124
groovy's AntBuilder and external ant tasks (example with Google Closure The JavaScript Compiler)
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import groovy.grape.Grape;
// to explain why I am not using @Grape annotation
// see
group: '',
module: 'closure-compiler',
version: 'r1918',
classLoader:this.class.classLoader.rootLoader /* needed because of ant.taskdef classloader */)
zaxebo1 /
Created Sep 28, 2020 — forked from pirtleshell/
Easily create a musical fingerprint from an MP3 and submit it to AcoustId with musicbrainz recording id (must be embedded in MP3).
import acoustid # the library for creating the fingerprints
import urllib.request # for sending the request to AcoustId's server
from mutagen.id3 import ID3 # for extracting the musicbrainz recording id
def main():
api_key = YOUR_API_KEY # find it at
path = '/path/to/directory/of/music'
songs = ['song1.mp3', 'anothersong.mp3'] # an array of the songs in that path
paths = [path + song for song in songs]
for i,song in enumerate(paths):
zaxebo1 / Gtk3Demo.kt
Created Sep 26, 2020 — forked from kropp/Gtk3Demo.kt
GTK+ Demo Application in Kotlin/Native rewritten in OO-style
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* Copyright 2010-2017 JetBrains s.r.o.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
zaxebo1 / A.markdown
Created Sep 6, 2020 — forked from larrybotha/A.markdown
Merge wiki updates that are on a fork of your repo.
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Merge Wiki Changes From A Forked Github Repo

This is inspired (or basically copied) from How To Merge Github Wiki Changes From One Repository To Another, by Roman Ivanov, and serves to ensure that should something happen to the original article, the information remains nice and safe here.


OREPO: original repo - the repo created or maintained by the owner

FREPO: the forked repo that presumably has updates to its wiki, not yet on the OREPO

zaxebo1 /
Created Jul 14, 2020 — forked from raprasad/
jinjava example
  • pom.xml
zaxebo1 / include.asciidoc.txt
Created Jul 13, 2020 — forked from mojavelinux/include.asciidoc.txt
A sample AsciiDoc file for testing Asciidoctor.
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== Included Section
Look, I came from out of the [blue]#blue#!
I'm keepin' it open.
An 'open block', like this one, can contain other blocks.
It can also act as any other block. (TODO)
zaxebo1 / Main.hx
Created Jul 4, 2020 — forked from YellowAfterlife/Main.hx
Simplistic .properties parser
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class Main {
static function parseProperties(text:String):Map<String, String> {
var map:Map<String, String> = new Map(),
ofs:Int = 0,
len:Int = text.length,
i:Int, j:Int,
while (ofs < len) {
// find line end offset:
endl = text.indexOf("\n", ofs);