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@zbutfly zbutfly/Biblio Sample.json
Last active Dec 11, 2018

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Biblio Liblioes
"owner": "zbutfly",
"repos": "biblio",
"shelf": "sample",
"exts": ["md", "txt", "pdf", "epub", "mobi"],
"trackid": "Zw3OGg6lk1N9rlaASFhebTmhD8l411MAcNkQUNrNaLA"
"owner": "zbutfly",
"repos": "liblio",
"shelf": "可醉楼藏书",
"exts": ["md", "txt", "pdf"],
"trackid": "F5wZZNEhZNjZWBUAqF2tUD-XwFrKDIc5wazsqwhK7a4",
"secrets": {
"5dd99a0c448bf5a3ac1164c5ab5c9acf": "email",
"737341c96479e1eb39d681c4f3d3446c": "phone"
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