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Chris Zheng zcaudate

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zcaudate / worksheet.cljw
Created Apr 17, 2019
ames housing regression analysis
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
;; gorilla-repl.fileformat = 1
;; **
;;; # Regression applied to the Ames dataset
;;; This is an attempt to use every trick in the books to unleash the full power of Linear Regression, including a lot of preprocessing and a look at several Regularization algorithms.
zcaudate / fx.clj
Last active Apr 10, 2019
cljplot with javafx
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(ns cljplot.sketches.fx
(:require [cljplot.render :as r]
[ :as b]
[cljplot.common :refer :all]
[fastmath.interpolation :as in]
[fastmath.stats :as stats]
[clojure2d.color :as c]
[cljplot.scale :as s]
[fastmath.core :as m]
[fastmath.random :as rnd]
Created Aug 20, 2018 — forked from Brideau/DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
Install GDAL with Java bindings on macOS High Sierra
export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/opt/gdal2/lib:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
zcaudate / SketchSystems.spec
Last active Jun 13, 2018
My Awesome Sketch
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My Awesome Sketch
First State
some event -> Second State
Second State
click -> First State
zcaudate /
Last active May 22, 2018
create mint iso
#! /usr/bin/env bash
# Insert a USB key.
# if needed initialize it with MS/DOS FAT and MBR
# Download the Mint ISO image
# Convert the ISO -> IMG
hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o linuxmint-18.3-cinnamon-64bit linuxmint-18.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso
# Run a diskutil list to know the device for the USB key, e.g.: /dev/disk3

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am zcaudate on github.
  • I am zcaudate ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCGkiFF1W_OVVZqtwQZXTIGgu8XZivaCKUZ3rL3jBrRXAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View speed_test.clj
(defrecord Simple [value])
(deftype Basic [value])
(dotimes [i 100000000]
(set! (Basic. i) :value (* 2 i)))))
zcaudate / count.clj
Created Aug 6, 2015
generative testing
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(defn count-elements [coll1 coll2]
(+ (count coll1) (count coll2) 1))
(defn count-elements-tester [f]
(let [n (rand-int 6)
m (rand-int 6)
output (+ n m)
inputs [(range n) (range m)]
actual (apply f inputs)]
(if (= actual output)
zcaudate /
Created Feb 14, 2015
usage statistics for clojars
(import [bs4 [BeautifulSoup]]
[operator [itemgetter]]
(defn project-links [username]
(let [[url (+ "" username)]
[res (requests.get url)]
[soup (BeautifulSoup res.text)]
[links (-> (soup.find "h1")
(.find-next "h1")
View hara.concurrent.workflow
(ns hara.concurrent.workflow
(:require [hara.common.checks :refer [hash-map? promise?]]
[hara.common.primitives :refer [uuid]]
[ :refer [merge-nil-nested]]
[clojure.set :as set]))
(defn create-registry []
(atom {:tickets {}
:tasks {}
:active #{}
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