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Zachary Cutlip zcutlip

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Date/time: 2021-03-02T18:47:39.428075-08:00
Information source:
Planets added:
Endor (Sanctuary)
zcutlip / fahmonitor.lua
Created Jun 14, 2020
Hammerspoon module to pause/unpause Folding@Home
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screenSleep = false
screenSaver = false
screenLock = false
A module to pause/unpause Folding@Home depending on screensaver, screen lock, and
screen sleep state.
Folding@Home's "only when idle" mode does not pause/unpause the client at obvious times
or for obvious reasons. Instead, This module uses screen state as in indicator that the
user is/isn't interacting with the system.
zcutlip /
Last active Feb 14, 2020
Ghidra Script to Colorize all Basic Blocks for a Provided list of Addresses
from java.awt import Color
from ghidra.util.task import ConsoleTaskMonitor
from ghidra.program.model.block import BasicBlockModel
from docking.options.editor import GhidraColorChooser
Ghidra script to colorize all basic blocks identified by the input file.
Prompts for a file to use as input. This script will attempt to sanity check
that a basic block actually does start at each provided address.
zcutlip /
Created Feb 12, 2020
Ghidra Script to List all Basic Block Addresses for a Function
import os
from ghidra.program.model.block import BasicBlockModel
from ghidra.util.task import ConsoleTaskMonitor
Ghidra script to identify the addresses of all basic blocks within a function
Prompts for name of a function, and name of an output file. Locates all basic block addreses
and writes them to the output file.
zcutlip /
Created Feb 4, 2020
Using py-object-file to Parse a Mach-O

Using py-object-file to Parse a Mach-O

First, instantiate a Mach object, passing it the path to a mach-o binary:

m = Mach("/usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib")

The Mach class treats all mach-o binaries as if they're fat binaries with at least once slice. So to work with your mach-o you first have to get its slice, even if it's not a fat binary. You can either to this by architecture name or slice index:

zcutlip /
Last active Jan 25, 2021
Importing Hand-Rolled C Header Files in LLDB

Importing Hand-Rolled C Header Files in LLDB


  • We're debugging a dylib, libhello.dylib
  • The dylib is linked from hello
  • The exported function is helloworld()
  • We do not have source, but have reversed a struct from the library and created a hand-crafted header file

Header File

zcutlip /
Created Nov 8, 2019
Automatically adding a static DHCP reservation to VMWare's dhcpd.conf and to /etc/hosts
(0) $ python3 -m vmware_static_dhcp.vmware_static_dhcp --help
usage: [-h] --hw-addr HW_ADDR --ip-addr IP_ADDR
                             --hostname HOSTNAME
                             updated_hosts_path updated_dhcpd_conf_path

positional arguments:
  updated_hosts_path    Path to updated hosts file
                        Path to update dhcpd.conf file.
zcutlip /
Last active Oct 28, 2019
(Relatively) safely delete a git branch from local and remote
# File:
# Author: Zachary Cutlip <>
# Purpose: (Relatively) safely delete specified branch from local and origin in one pass
if [ $# -gt 1 ];
echo $1