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Analyze Twitter sentiment for your brand using Textalytics Media Analysis API
import smaclient
from TwitterAPI import TwitterAPI
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Go to and create an app.
# The consumer key and secret will be generated for you after
consumer_key = <consumer-key>
consumer_secret = <consumer-secret>
# After the step above, you will be redirected to your app's page.
# Create an access token under the the "Your access token" section
access_token_key = <access-token-key>
access_token_secret = <access-token-secret>
# Register in
# Log in and get a licence for Textalytics Media Analysis API
license_key = <textalytics-license-key>
# Create a Twitter client
twitter = TwitterAPI(consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token_key, access_token_secret)
# Create a Textalytics client
textalytics = smaclient.SmaClient(license_key)
textalytics.fields = 'sentiment'
# Analyze sentiment for Nokia in Spanish, retrieve at most 100 tweets
brand = 'Nokia'
language = 'es'
max_tweets = 100
labels = ['P', 'N', 'NEU', 'NONE']
colors = ['yellowgreen','lightcoral','gold','lightskyblue']
# Initialize sentiments to aggregate sentiment count
total = 0
sentiments = {}
for label in labels:
sentiments[label] = 0
# Search and analyze tweets
query = {'q' : brand, 'lang' : language, 'count': max_tweets}
results = twitter.request('search/tweets', query )
for tweet in results.get_iterator():
doc = smaclient.Document(tweet['id'], tweet['text'])
doc.language = language
doc.source = 'TWITTER'
response = textalytics.analyze(doc)
if (isinstance(response,smaclient.Response)):
print response.result.sentiment, ' ', tweet['text']
sentiments[response.result.sentiment] = sentiments[response.result.sentiment] + 1
total = total + 1
# Plot a pie chart
sizes = [sentiments['P']/float(total), sentiments['N']/float(total), sentiments['NEU']/float(total), sentiments['NONE']/float(total)]
print sizes
plt.pie(sizes,labels=labels, colors=colors, autopct='%1.1f%%', shadow=True)
plt.title(brand + ' sentiment using Textalytics Media Analysis 1.0')

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Shrutiarora1103 commented Apr 7, 2017

Hi zdepablo, I am facing error running your code.The error is with smaclient which is no more supported in python packages.Can you please help?

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