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anon true, if the space may be omitted in anonymous function declarations
bitwise true, if bitwise operators should be allowed
browser true, if the standard browser globals should be predefined
cap true, if upper case HTML should be allowed
continue true, if the continuation statement should be tolerated
css true, if CSS workarounds should be tolerated
debug true, if debugger statements should be allowed
devel true, if logging should be allowed (console, alert, etc.)
eqeq true, if == should be allowed
es5 true, if ES5 syntax should be allowed
axeda / HttpBuilderTimeouts.groovy
Last active June 28, 2022 19:08
Connection Timeouts with HttpBuilder
import static*
import static*
int TENSECONDS = 10*1000;
int THIRTYSECONDS = 30*1000;
HTTPBuilder builder = new HTTPBuilder('')
//HTTPBuilder has no direct methods to add timeouts. We have to add them to the HttpParams of the underlying HttpClient
nateware / gist:3915757
Created October 19, 2012 01:27
Start Mac VNC server from command line
# Step 1: Set priveleges
$ sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -configure -allowAccessFor -allUsers -privs -all
Setting allow all users to YES.
Setting all users privileges to 1073742079.
# Step 2: Allow VNC clients