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Last active June 5, 2019 12:47
Explanation of HAL+JSON embedding

Embedding Related Resoruces in HAL

Often, I get questions about embedding resources with HAL Here is some of my recommendation illustrated on an example.

First of all, think of the _embedded as a courtesy of HAL so the API user does not have to make one more call to retrieve a resource that has a link relation with the current (self resource). Let's illustrate it on an example: A collection of applications and one application, where an application might have related, child applications. The link relations are as follow:

collection of applications resource ——application relation——> application resource

application resource ——child relation——> application resource

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zdne /
Last active January 14, 2017 20:22
  1. Retrieve WeatherReport where address is Anchorage, Alaska
  2. Send Payment where the recipient is and currency is USD and amount is 40
  3. Send Message where the recipient is and text is Hey Phil ...
zdne / schemaUtils.js
Created January 14, 2017 06:59 — forked from jarwol/schemaUtils.js
GraphQL diff() and merge() extensions
'use strict';
* This module extends the graphql.js schema and types by adding diff and merge functions.
(function () {
const GraphQLSchema = require('graphql/type/schema').GraphQLSchema,
GraphQLObjectType = require('graphql/type/definition').GraphQLObjectType,
GraphQLScalarType = require('graphql/type/definition').GraphQLScalarType,
GraphQLUnionType = require('graphql/type/definition').GraphQLUnionType,
# Using a terms from dictionary,
# find services that offers WeatherForecast.
services = apiRegistry.find(WeatherForecast, { vocabulary: ""})
# Query a service for WeatherForecast at GeoCoordinates.
forecast = service.retrieve(WeatherForecast, { GeoCoordinates: … })
# Display Temperature
print forecast(Temperature)

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To claim this, I am signing this object:

# Fizz Buzz Solving API Blueprint
## Data Structures
## Main (array)
This only does 1 through 15.
### Members
- !map
- (array)
# User [/users/{id}]
- Attributes (object)
- name: John
- email:
## Retrieve [GET]
- Response 200 (application/json)
- Attributes (User)
## Remove [DELETE]
## Globals Parameters
- version: 1.0 (string) - Version of the API
# Resource A [/{version}/some/path/to/a]
# Resource B [/{version}/some/path/to/b]