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Convert between Excel serialdate and Python datetime with adjustment for 1900 leap year bug
def xlserialdate_to_datetime(xlserialdate):
Converts a Microsoft Excel serial date to datetime object
xlserialdate : int
Microsoft Excel serial date
converted_date : datetime
Datetime value corresponding to given serial date
excel_anchor = datetime.datetime(1900, 1, 1)
if (xlserialdate < 60):
delta_in_days = datetime.timedelta(days=(xlserialdate - 1))
delta_in_days = datetime.timedelta(days=(xlserialdate - 2))
converted_date = excel_anchor + delta_in_days
return converted_date

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hearues-zueke-github commented Mar 12, 2019

Excellent! Was searching this exact piece of code, thank you a lot!

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