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Last active Oct 27, 2015
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How to migrate your PostgreSQL Database from Shelly Cloud to Scalingo
1) Make sure you have these tools installed and configured
* Ruby
* The ShellyCloud CLI
* The Scalingo CLI
* tar, gunzip
* The PostgreSQL client tools (pg_restore)
2) Make sure your database on scalingo side is empty (delete your postgresql addon and recreate it)
BEWARE : YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR DATA ! So make backups before deleting your PG Addon !
2) Start the scalingo db-tunnel with : $ scalingo db-tunnel SCALINGO_POSTGRESQL_URL&
(Tip: if you have not forget the "&" at the end of the command, press enter after you see
"You can access your database on ''" to get the prompt back,
if you forget to type the "&", type CTRL-Z and then "bg" to send the process in background)
3) Copy the script above, make it executable (chmod +x shelly2scalingo.rb)
4) Run it !
$ shelly2scalingo.rb xxxxx <your shelly cloud name> <your scalingo app name>
5) Kill the scalingo tunnel ("ps aux | grep scalingo" and then kill corresponding process id)
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'uri'
if ARGV.length == 3
port = ARGV[0].to_i
cloud = ARGV[1]
app = ARGV[2]
puts "Syntax: #{__FILE__} <tunnel port> <shelly cloud name> <scalingo app name>"
puts "Tip: Start tunnel with $ scalingo db-tunnel SCALINGO_POSTGRESQL_URL &"
env = `scalingo --app #{app} env`
url = env.split("\n").grep(/^SCALINGO_POSTGRESQL_URL=/)[0].split('=')[1]
uri = URI.parse(url)
db_name = uri.path[1..-1]
puts `shelly --cloud #{cloud} backup get`
f = Dir["*.postgresql.tar"].first
exit unless f
puts "Processing #{f}"
`tar xvf #{f}`
`mv #{cloud}.postgresql/databases/PostgreSQL/#{cloud}.sql.gz #{cloud}.dump.gz`
`rm -rf #{cloud}.postgresql`
`gunzip #{cloud}.dump.gz`
puts `PGPASSWORD=#{uri.password} pg_restore -U #{uri.user} -h -p #{port} -d #{db_name} -O #{cloud}.dump`
puts "DONE."
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