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Created December 17, 2015 11:52
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import bpy
from bpy.props import IntProperty
Usage, run the script to add character properies to bpy.types.Object
The UI appears in 3dview Tools, as MISC. You'll get a direct mapping between
character and material index (based on material_slots).
You can set keyframes using the sliders, and you can render / playback the
material updates because of the added frame_change event handler.
def update_object(obj, context):
b = obj.textmat_addon
for i, character in enumerate(
tval = getattr(b, "char_" + str(i))
if tval >= len(obj.material_slots):
tval = len(obj.material_slots) - 1
character.material_index = tval
def charmat_update(self, context):
# this is used for the visual feedback when adjusting sliders
# and this is also called by the framechange event to update the
# material per character (unless there's a neater way to do this)
obj = context.object
if obj.textmat_addon.use_me:
update_object(obj, context)
def text_updater(scene):
for obj in
if obj.type == 'FONT':
if obj.textmat_addon.use_me:
update_object(obj, bpy.context)
class TextualProperties(bpy.types.PropertyGroup):
use_me = bpy.props.BoolProperty()
for i in range(80):
exec("char_{0} = IntProperty(min=0, max=90, options={{\'ANIMATABLE\'}}, update=charmat_update)".format(i))
class CustomPanel(bpy.types.Panel):
"""A Custom Panel in the Viewport Toolbar"""
bl_label = "Generate"
bl_space_type = 'VIEW_3D'
bl_region_type = 'TOOLS'
def poll(self, context):
if context.object and context.object.type == 'FONT':
if context.object.mode == 'OBJECT':
return True
def draw(self, context):
layout = self.layout
col = layout.column()
body =
props_addon = context.object.textmat_addon
col.prop(props_addon, 'use_me', toggle=True)
for i in range(len(body)):
row = col.row()
row.prop(props_addon, 'char_' + str(i), text="")
def register():
bpy.types.Object.textmat_addon = bpy.props.PointerProperty(type=TextualProperties)
handler =
if not (text_updater in handler):
def unregister():
del bpy.types.Object.textmat_addon
handler =
for func in reversed(handler):
if func.__name__ == 'text_updater':
if __name__ == "__main__":
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