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Last active July 16, 2022 18:52
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blender (sverchok) nodetree to svg
import os
import re
import bpy
import sverchok
from dataclasses import dataclass
from xml.etree import ElementTree as et
class NodeProxy():
name: str
label: str
abs_location: tuple
width: float
num_linked_inputs: dict
num_linked_outputs: dict
nt =['NodeTree']
nt_dict = {}
for n in nt.nodes:
inputs = { (s.index, s.is_linked) for s in n.inputs}
outputs = { (s.index, s.is_linked) for s in n.outputs}
nt_dict[] = NodeProxy(, n.label, tuple(int(i) for i in n.absolute_location), n.width, inputs, outputs)
doc = et.Element('svg', width='1480', height='960', version='1.1', xmlns='')
gdoc = et.SubElement(doc, "g", transform=f"translate({430}, {330})")
ldoc = et.SubElement(doc, "g", transform=f"translate({430}, {330})")
for k, v in nt_dict.items():
g = et.SubElement(gdoc, "g", transform=f"translate{v.abs_location}")
m = et.SubElement(g, "rect", width=str(v.width), height=str(40), fill='rgb(74, 177, 231)')
t = et.SubElement(g, "text", fill="#333", y="-2", x="3")
t.text =
# style="fill-opacity: .25;")
for link in nt.links:
n1, s1, n2, s2 = link.from_node, link.from_socket, link.to_node, link.to_socket
(x1, y1), (x2, y2) = n1.absolute_location, n2.absolute_location
ctrl_1 = int(x1) + n1.width + 180, int(y1)
knot_1 = int(x1) + n1.width + 20, int(y1)
knot_2 = int(x2) - 20, int(y2)
ctrl_2 = int(x2) - 180, int(y2)
dpath = f"M{knot_1} C{ctrl_1} {ctrl_2} {knot_2}"
dpath = re.sub("\(|\)", "", dpath)
path = et.SubElement(ldoc, "path", d=dpath, stroke_width="3.0", stroke="#333", fill="transparent")
svg_filename = "wooooop"
svg_path = os.path.join(bpy.path.abspath('//'), svg_filename + '.svg')
with open(svg_path, 'w') as f:
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zeffii commented Jul 16, 2022

this shows how to

  • add a group,
  • transform the group,
  • add svg elements to a group.
  • add text to text element
  • add fill
  • how to write to disk

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