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EB cli error
Enabling instance log streaming to CloudWatch for your environment
After the environment is updated you can view your logs by following the link:
Printing Status:
2021-03-27 16:19:05 INFO Environment update is starting.
2021-03-27 16:19:16 INFO Updating environment Humboialpha2021-env's configuration settings.
2021-03-27 16:19:54 INFO Instance deployment successfully detected a JAR file in your source bundle.
2021-03-27 16:19:57 INFO Instance deployment successfully generated a 'Procfile'.
2021-03-27 16:19:58 ERROR Instance deployment failed. For details, see 'eb-engine.log'.
2021-03-27 16:20:02 ERROR [Instance: i-04fb7a3d67a219ca7] Command failed on instance. Return code: 1 Output: Engine execution has encountered an error..
2021-03-27 16:20:02 INFO Command execution completed on all instances. Summary: [Successful: 0, Failed: 1].
2021-03-27 16:20:02 ERROR Unsuccessful command execution on instance id(s) 'i-04fb7a3d67a219ca7'. Aborting the operation.
2021-03-27 16:20:03 ERROR Failed to deploy configuration.
ERROR: ServiceError - Failed to deploy configuration.
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