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Adding existing source to remote git repo
If you've got local source code you want to add to a new remote new git repository without 'cloning' the remote first, do the following (I often do this - you create your remote empty repository in bitbucket/github, then push up your source)
1. Create the remote repository, and get the URL such as git://
2. If your local GIT repo is already set up, skips steps 2 and 3
3. Locally, at the root directory of your source, git init
4. Locally, add and commit what you want in your initial repo (for everything,
git add .
git commit -m 'initial commit comment')
5. to attach your remote repo with the name 'origin' (like cloning would do)
git remote add origin [URL From Step 1]
6. to push up your master branch (change master to something else for a different branch):
git push -p origin master
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brunobck commented Aug 18, 2016


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mixelpixel commented Feb 14, 2017

Thanks for posting this. When I use git push -p origin master I get an error msg, unknown switch 'p'?

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mixelpixel commented Feb 14, 2017

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felixsevero commented Jun 6, 2017

@mixelpixel, you're right. It's -u, like: git push -u origin master

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e-kibet commented Aug 22, 2017

Hello,Thanks..What about if you want to add the contents into the previous repository me the procedure of soing so:

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T0miii commented Mar 25, 2018

thank you for this.

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