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Created Sep 23, 2019
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using Omega
# Beta distributed random variables in [0, 1]
p1 = beta(0.5)
pgood = beta(0.5)
pbad = beta(0.5)
# Function that simulates the car
function simulate_car(ω)
car_is_good = Bernoulli(ω, p1(ω), Bool)
cuts_you_off = ifelse(prob_car_is_good, Bernoulli(ω, pgood(ω), Bool), Bernoulli(ω, pbad, Bool))
drive_sim = some_function(car_is_good, cuts_you_off)
return drive_sim
# n data points
N = 10
# Random variable over vector of drive_sim
simulations = rv-> [simulate_car_(ω) for i = 1:n])
# Data
data = ...
# Posterior of pgood, pbad, p1
rand(cond((pgood, pbad, p1), data == simulations))
# Is it better (does variance decrease)
var(cond(pbad, data == simulations)) - var(cond(pbad, (data == simulations) & pgood > pbad))
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