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@zenparsing zenparsing/a.js
Created Feb 1, 2019

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Built-time macros strawman
import { deprecated } from './macros/deprecated.js';
// Using Rust-like syntax only to make it clear these
// are macros and not "decorators"
function dontUseMeAnymore() {
eval('You wrote a bad song, Petey!');
Built-time tooling (e.g. a Webpack plugin) would
transform this into:
function dontUseMeAnymore() {
console.warn('This function is deprecated');
eval('You wrote a bad song Petey!');
export function deprecated(ast) {
// In practice, macros would use a library to give
// AST mutation and construction better DX
type: 'ExpressionStatement',
expression: {
type: 'CallExpression',
callee: {
type: 'MemberExpression',
object: {
type: 'Identifier',
value: 'console',
property: {
type: 'Identifier',
value: 'warn',
arguments: [{
type: 'StringLiteral',
value: 'This function is deprecated',
return ast;
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