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Fix permission denied when execute stop or kill docker containers on Ubuntu
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Error example:
# ERROR: for redis cannot stop container: 16028f9:
# Cannot kill container 16028f9: unknown error after kill: docker-runc did not terminate sucessfully:
# container_linux.go:393: signaling init process caused "permission denied"
# This error was caused by AppArmor service in Ubuntu
# It was not working normally due to some unknown issues.
# Run following commands to fix it.
# Check AppArmor status
sudo aa-status
# Shutdown apparmor and prevent it from restarting
sudo systemctl disable apparmor.service --now
# Unload AppArmor profiles
sudo service apparmor teardown
# Re-check AppArmor status
sudo aa-status
# Try to re-stop containers
docker-compose down
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