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Blender, Unreal Engine, Touch Designer

Shortcuts (Blender):

  • Shift + A: New object
  • E: Extrude face, edge, or vertice
  • F: Create face or edge between selected vertices
  • Tab: Edit mode/object mode
  • Ctrl + Tab: Mesh mode
  • S: Scale
  • G: Move
  • R: Rotate
  • Middle button: Rotate view
  • Shift + Middle button: Pan view
  • Wheel: Zoom view
  • A: Select/unselect all
  • Numpad 1-9: Change view
  • Numpad 0: Active camera
  • ... + X/Y/Z: Transform locked to axis
  • ... + Ctrl: Transform snap to units
  • N: Properties panel
  • T: Tool panel
  • Shift + S: Align 3D cursor
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C: Adjust origin

Shortcuts and Hints (TouchDesigner):

  • Tab: New node
  • P: Toggle parameter window

Shortcuts and Hints (Unreal):

  • Right button + WASDEQ: 1st-person style navigation
  • Left button: Move around
  • Middle button: Pan around
  • Right button: Look around
  • F11: Full screen
  • S: Scale (changed to match Blender)
  • G: Move (changed to match Blender)
  • R: Rotate (changed to match Blender)
  • To scale materials, adjust TextCoord node
  • To change editor scale, use Window/Developer Tools/Widget Reflector
  • Work in orthographic mode to properly align objects
  • Alt + Left button: Remove blueprint link

Export Meshes for Unreal (Blender):

  • Assign materials
  • Recalculate normals
  • Unwrap as Smart UV Project, then duplicate UV map as light map
  • Export as FBX, set Smoothing to Face, content to Mesh only
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