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Scalate Plugin using Source Generator for SBT 0.10.0
import sbt._
import Keys._
import Project.Initialize
import org.fusesource.scalate.TemplateSource
import org.fusesource.scalate.TemplateEngine
object ScalatePlugin extends Plugin {
val scalateTemplateDirectories = SettingKey[Seq[File]]("scalate-template-directories",
"Locations of template files.")
val scalateLoggingConfig = SettingKey[File]("scalate-logging-config",
"Logback config to get rid of that infernal debug output.")
private def targetFileName(template: File, outputdir: File) =
new File(outputdir, "/%s.scala".format(template.getName.replaceAll("[.]", "_")))
private def isTemplate(template: File) =
TemplateEngine.templateTypes.filter(template.getName.endsWith(_)).size > 0
private def needsCompiling(template: File, outputdir: File): Boolean = {
// PROBLEM: Doesn't address the fact that dependent objects may have changed. I don't
// know if SBT has a hook for this sort of thing. Solution might be to use the
// scalate precompiler, and adjust the managedClasspath in the settings declaration
// to contain the classDirectory.
if (! isTemplate(template))
return false
val target = targetFileName(template, outputdir)
if (! target.exists())
return true
return template.lastModified > target.lastModified
private def generate (engine: TemplateEngine, template: File, outputdir: File, log: Logger) = {" compiling template: " + template)
val source = TemplateSource.fromFile(template, template.getName)
source.engine = engine
val code = engine.generateScala(source)
IO.write(targetFileName(template, outputdir), code.source)
private def scalateLoggingConfigValue: Initialize[File] =
(resourceDirectory in Compile) { (d) => new File(d, "/logback.xml") }
def scalateTemplateDirectoriesValue: Initialize[Seq[File]] =
(resourceDirectory in Compile) { (d) => Seq(d) }
def scalateSourceGeneratorTask: Initialize[Task[Seq[File]]] = (streams,
sourceManaged in Compile,
scalateTemplateDirectories in Compile,
scalateLoggingConfig in Compile) map {
(out, outputDir, inputDir, logConfig) => {
System.setProperty("logback.configurationFile", logConfig.toString)
val engine = new org.fusesource.scalate.TemplateEngine()
engine.packagePrefix = ""
inputDir.foreach { dir =>
dir.listFiles.filter(needsCompiling(_, outputDir)).foreach { template =>
generate(engine, template, outputDir, out.log)
// Overriding settings means these expressions will be automatically interpolated
// into the project's build.sbt
override def settings = Seq (
scalateLoggingConfig in Compile <<= scalateLoggingConfigValue,
scalateTemplateDirectories in Compile <<= scalateTemplateDirectoriesValue,
sourceGenerators in Compile <+= scalateSourceGeneratorTask
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