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zeroasterisk / user.ex
Last active Jun 21, 2017
Example Elixir+Ecto schema to mirror a Mongo DB with complicated data structures
View user.ex
defmodule Eltoroportal.Accounts.User do
use Ecto.Schema
import Ecto.Changeset
alias Eltoroportal.Accounts.User
@primary_key {:_id, :string, autogenerate: false}
schema "users" do
field :username, :string
# field :created, :date # <-- ? mongo translation?
zeroasterisk / make_class_teams.js
Last active May 3, 2017
Code Lou - FSJS - teams
View make_class_teams.js
* Build a set of randomized, evenly distrubted teams
* goal team size = ~5 or 6
* usage:
* download file and save as make_class_teams.js
* $ node make_class_teams.js
zeroasterisk / CardBtn.js
Last active Nov 21, 2016
submit button react component for uniforms
View CardBtn.js
const OLCardBtns = props => (
<ErrorsField />
<div className="text-xs-right">
<DisplayIf condition={(ctx) => ctx.error}>
<button className="btn btn-warning disabled" disabled>
<Fa className="remove" />
zeroasterisk / wkb.js
Created Nov 2, 2016
import poly data from taradel
View wkb.js
var Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer;
var wkx = require('wkx');
function convertHex(hexInput) {
var wkbBuffer = new Buffer(hexInput.slice(2), 'hex');
var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse(wkbBuffer);
return geometry.toGeoJSON();
function convertTwkb(hexInput) {
var wkbBuffer = new Buffer(hexInput.slice(2), 'hex');
zeroasterisk / meteor-release-1.4.2.log
Created Oct 11, 2016
bug when trying to run meteor from checkout on release-1.4.2
View meteor-release-1.4.2.log
| (#5) Profiling: ProjectContext prepareProjectForBuild
| Preparing to build package reactive-dict /
| ProjectContext prepareProjectForBuild...........................846 ms (1)
| ├─ _initializeCatalog...........................................508 ms (1)
| │ └─ LocalCatalog#initialize...................................507 ms (1)
| │ ├─ LocalCatalog#_computeEffectiveLocalPackages..............7 ms (1)
| │ │ ├─ optimistic statOrNull 1 ms (156)
| │ │ ├─ optimistic hashOrNull 1 ms (155)
| │ │ └─ other LocalCatalog#_computeEffectiveLocalPackages 5 ms
| │ └─ LocalCatalog#_loadLocalPackages........................500 ms (1)
zeroasterisk / lodash-forEach.js
Created Oct 10, 2016
node --trace_opt --trace_deopt --allow-natives-syntax node_modules/lodash/forEach.js
View lodash-forEach.js
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e2147b41 <SharedFunctionInfo SAR>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e2146651 <SharedFunctionInfo ADD>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e2147da9 <SharedFunctionInfo SHR>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e21480c9 <SharedFunctionInfo IN>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e21c02a9 <SharedFunctionInfo NativeModule.require>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e21bf829 <SharedFunctionInfo NativeModule>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e2147421 <SharedFunctionInfo BIT_OR>, reason: Call to a JavaScript runtime function]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e21d0f21 <SharedFunctionInfo createBuffer>, reason: TryFinallyStatement]
[disabled optimization for 0x29b4e2146e99 <SharedFunctionInfo MUL>, reason: Call to a
zeroasterisk / DateRangePickerWrapper.js
Created Sep 29, 2016
react-dates & uniforms = start/stop date range picker glory
View DateRangePickerWrapper.js
import React from 'react';
import { DateRangePicker } from 'react-dates';
import momentPropTypes from 'react-moment-proptypes';
class DateRangePickerWrapper extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
this.state = {
focusedInput: null,
startDate: props.startDate || null,
zeroasterisk / MapEditField.js
Last active Sep 28, 2016
React Uniforms Field for a map configuration
View MapEditField.js
import _ from 'lodash';
import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';
import { Session } from 'meteor/session';
import { Bert } from 'meteor/themeteorchef:bert';
import React from 'react';
import { BaseField } from 'uniforms';
import UIMapPoly from 'react-map-polygon-selector';
# If you are developing on OSX on Windows
# but you want to run on linux - or in docker - or on AWS Lambda
# PhantomJS must be the binary for that OS...
# Easiest solution, download inside a docker, running on linux
# This script should be run from within the docker container
zeroasterisk / DockerfileForBundle
Created Jul 29, 2016
Meteor build -> Docker (custom image, from bundle)
View DockerfileForBundle
FROM node:4.4.7-slim
MAINTAINER Alan Blount <>
RUN npm install -g npm@3 pm2 \
&& npm cache clear
# TODO: remove when is fixed
RUN cd $(npm root -g)/npm \
&& npm install fs-extra \
&& sed -i -e s/graceful-fs/fs-extra/ -e s/fs\.rename/fs.move/ ./lib/utils/rename.js
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