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* [Kubernetes production best practices](
* [Coursera SRE course](
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git squash:
> git rebase -i HEAD~5
> git push --force origin yourbranchname
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Exercise: Errors
Copy your Sqrt function from the earlier exercise and modify it to return an error value.
Sqrt should return a non-nil error value when given a negative number, as it doesn't support complex numbers.
Create a new type
type ErrNegativeSqrt float64
and make it an error by giving it a
View stringers_interface.go
Exercise: Stringers
Make the IPAddr type implement fmt.Stringer to print the address as a dotted quad.
For instance, IPAddr{1, 2, 3, 4} should print as "".
View fibonacci_closure.go
Exercise: Fibonacci closure
Let's have some fun with functions.
Implement a fibonacci function that returns a function (a closure) that returns successive fibonacci numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, ...).
View maps.go
Exercise: Maps
Implement WordCount. It should return a map of the counts of each “word” in the string s. The wc.Test function runs a test suite against the provided function and prints success or failure.
You might find strings.Fields helpful.
package main
View slices.go
Exercise: Slices
Implement Pic. It should return a slice of length dy, each element of which is a slice of dx 8-bit unsigned integers. When you run the program, it will display your picture, interpreting the integers as grayscale (well, bluescale) values.
The choice of image is up to you. Interesting functions include (x+y)/2, x*y, and x^y.
(You need to use a loop to allocate each []uint8 inside the [][]uint8.)
(Use uint8(intValue) to convert between types.)
zerogvt /
Created July 23, 2018 11:49 — forked from evansde77/
Example of mocking requests calls
#!/usr/bin/env python
mocking requests calls
import mock
import unittest
import requests
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError
zerogvt /
Created July 20, 2018 10:52 — forked from scarytom/
Script to safely de-register jenkins nodes usage: $ my-node-1 my-node-2 my-node-3
set -e
set -u
node_online() {
curl --silent "$CI_MASTER_URL/computer/$1/api/json" | grep --silent '"temporarilyOffline":false'
zerogvt /
Created March 23, 2018 16:34 — forked from Evildethow/
Jenkins: Create SSH node, using bash and curl
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o nounset -o errexit -o pipefail
usage() {
cat <<EOM
$(basename $0) [OPTIONS]
$(basename $0) [ -j | --jenkins-url | -n | --node-name | -s | -d | --desc | --slave-home | -e | --executors | -sh | --ssh-host | -sp | --ssh-port
| -c | --cred-id | -l | --labels | -u | --user-id | -p | --password | -h | --help ]