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Pattern info
# Pattern name
Succinct description of the pattern
:: ::
:: Live Pattern Demo ::
:: ::
## Pattern Variations
List all variations of the pattern
## Pattern code
Pattern code goes here
## Usage
What do users need to know in order to properly implement this pattern? Discuss any UX, visual, frontend, accessibility, content, backend, etc considerations. Show do's and don'ts. When should users consider an alternative pattern? Include [links]( to internal and external resources.
## Code Documentation
- `.c-pattern` - Required - Here's a description of what this selector does
- `.c-pattern--modifier` - Optional - Here's a description of an optional selector that can be appended to the pattern
- `.c-pattern__child` - Required - Here's a description of what this code does
## Meta info
- Pattern status - Complete, in progress, deprecated, etc
- Version number - i.e. 1.3.0
- Changelog - Last updated date with a link to its history
- People - Who owns it? Where should people go for support/questions?
- Dependencies - Requirements and dependencies (also reflect in code documentation)
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