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Last active Aug 17, 2018
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Find words in Omegawiki that are the reverse of the same word in another language
word_1 word_2 word_1_language word_2_language
ramer remar French Castilian
afaka akafa French Castilian
NATO OTAN English French
nier rein Afrikaans French
NATO OTAN German French
NATO OTAN Italian French
erum mure Ainu (Latin) Interlingua
NATO OTAN English Castilian
agua auga Castilian Mirandese
NATO OTAN German Castilian
agua auga Asturian Mirandese
skat taks Danish Flemish
NATO OTAN Italian Castilian
kalt tlak German cant of Bell
dlak kald cant of Bell Kölsch
nier rein Dutch French
seis sies Portuguese Castilian
BCE ECB Castilian Esperanto
OLP PLO French English
ONU UNO French German
HIV VIH English Catalan
HIV VIH German French
HPV VPH Dutch French
fol lof Frisian cant of Bell
rax xar Poqomam Kaqchikel
BCE ECB Italian Esperanto
OLP PLO Castilian English
MIR RIM French English
ONU UNO Castilian German
HIV VIH Italian Catalan
HIV VIH Dutch French
HPV VPH Italian French
jul luj Serbian (Latin script) Piedmontese
rax xar Uspanteco Kaqchikel
OLP PLO French Dutch
MTR RTM French English
ONU UNO Italian German
HIV VIH Finnish Catalan
HIV VIH English Portuguese
FMI IMF French Danish
OLP PLO Castilian Dutch
ALS SLA English French
AAT TAA English Castilian
HIV VIH English Castilian
HIV VIH German Catalan
HIV VIH Italian Portuguese
man nam Galician Volapük
BCE ECB French English
FMI IMF French English
LMP PML French English
ALS SLA English Italian
HIV VIH Italian Castilian
HIV VIH Dutch Catalan
HIV VIH Finnish Portuguese
man nam Occitan Volapük
BCE ECB Castilian English
API IPA French German
LMP PML French German
ANS SNA English Catalan
HIV VIH Finnish Castilian
HIV VIH English French
HIV VIH German Portuguese
man nam Old Occitan Volapük
BCE ECB Italian English
API IPA French English
GTO OTG English Castilian
ANS SNA German Catalan
HIV VIH German Castilian
HIV VIH Italian French
HIV VIH Dutch Portuguese
apo opa Tagalog Dutch
onu uno Estonian Võro
BCE ECB French Esperanto
API IPA French Turkish
LCP PCL English French
HIV VIH Dutch Castilian
HIV VIH Finnish French
HPV VPH German French
tev vet Breton Dutch
HR RH English French
OS SO German Castilian
IT TI Italian Castilian
EU UE Dutch French
'l l' Venetian Italian
el le Venetian French
el le Castilian Interlingua
OS SO Japanese Castilian
AU UA English Castilian
EU UE Japanese French
'l l' Venetian Italian
el le Venetian French
el le Castilian Interlingua
AH HA Castilian English
OS SO Polish Castilian
AU UA English French
EU UE Bokmål Cornish
'l l' Venetian Italian
el le Venetian French
el le Venetian Interlingua
is si Dutch Slovak
ay ya English Lingwa de Planeta
BU UB French German
EU UE English Cornish
'l l' Venetian Italian
el le Castilian Italian
el le Romanian Novial
at ta Volapük Polish
ay ya English Indonesian
IT TI English Castilian
EU UE Bokmål French
EU UE German Cornish
el le Castilian French
el le Castilian Italian
il li French Esperanto
ay ya English Malay
IT TI German Castilian
EU UE English French
EU UE Danish Cornish
aj ja Slovak Finnish
el le Castilian French
el le Venetian Italian
il li French Esperanto
ay ya English Tok Pisin
IQ QI Dutch French
IT TI Japanese Castilian
EU UE German French
EU UE Dutch Cornish
aj ja Slovak Finnish
el le Castilian French
el le Castilian Venetian
il li Italian Old French
ay ya English Breton
IQ QI English French
OS SO English Castilian
IT TI Swedish Castilian
EU UE Danish French
EU UE Japanese Cornish
el le Castilian French
el le Castilian Venetian
il li French Haitian Creole French
-- This does not normalize characters (to remove accents) or look up synonyms
SELECT exp1.spelling, exp2.spelling, language_name1.language_name, language_name2.language_name FROM uw_expression AS exp1
JOIN uw_expression AS exp2 ON exp1.spelling = REVERSE(exp2.spelling)
JOIN uw_syntrans AS syntrans1 ON exp1.expression_id = syntrans1.expression_id
JOIN uw_syntrans AS syntrans2 ON exp2.expression_id = syntrans2.expression_id
JOIN language_names AS language_name1 ON exp1.language_id = language_name1.language_id AND language_name1.name_language_id = 85
JOIN language_names AS language_name2 ON exp2.language_id = language_name2.language_id AND language_name2.name_language_id = 85
WHERE exp1.language_id <> exp2.language_id
AND syntrans1.defined_meaning_id = syntrans2.defined_meaning_id
AND exp1.spelling <> REVERSE(exp1.spelling)
AND exp1.spelling < exp2.spelling
ORDER BY length(exp1.spelling) DESC
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