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zevtyardt /
Created Oct 15, 2019
Extract All Forms Html into Dict Format
from argparse import Namespace
import sys
import re
import shlex
class _Pattern:
all_forms = re.compile(r"(?si)<\s*form.*?/\s*form\s*>")
header = re.compile(r"(?si)<\s*form(.*?)>")
attrs = re.compile(r"(?si)\s*(.*?)\s*=\s*((?:[\"'](.*?)[\"'])|[\w/]+)")
remove_tag = re.compile(r"^<\s*\w+\s*")
# uncompyle6 version 3.3.2
# Python bytecode 2.7 (62211)
# Decompiled from: Python 2.7.16 (default, Apr 25 2019, 21:47:43)
# [GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Android (5058415 based on r339409) Clang 8.0.2 (https://a
# Embedded file name: <script>
# Compiled at: 2018-02-25 13:25:47
import os, sys, time
P = '\x1b[0m'
H = '\x1b[91m'
G = '\x1b[92m'
zevtyardt /
Last active May 13, 2019
Language translator Bing
import requests, argparse, re, sys, os
id = {'el': 'Greek', 'en-IN': 'English India', 'zh-CHS': 'Chinese (Simplified)', 'zh-CHT': 'Chinese (Traditional)', 'af': 'Afrikaans', 'ko': 'Korean', 'ca': 'Catalan', 'it': 'Italian', 'cy': 'Welsh', 'ar': 'Arabic', 'uk': 'Ukrainian', 'bn-BD': 'Bangla', 'otq': 'Quer\xc3\xa9taro Otomi', 'cs': 'Czech', 'et': 'Estonian', 'id': 'Indonesian', 'es': 'Spanish', 'en-CA': 'English Canada', 'en-GB': 'English United Kingdom', 'ru': 'Russian', 'nl': 'Dutch', 'pt': 'Portuguese', 'no': 'Norwegian Bokm\xc3\xa5l', 'tr': 'Turkish', 'lv': 'Latvian', 'to': 'Tongan', 'lt': 'Lithuanian', 'en': 'English', 'th': 'Thai', 'vi': 'Vietnamese', 'en-US': 'English United States', 'ro': 'Romanian', 'is': 'Icelandic', 'fil': 'Filipino', 'mww': 'Hmong Daw', 'en-AU': 'English Australia', 'fr': 'French', 'bg': 'Bulgarian', 'sm': 'Samoan', 'hr': 'Croatian', 'sr-Cyrl': 'Serbian (Cyrillic)', 'de': 'German', 'mg': 'Malagasy', 'ht': 'Haitian Creole', 'da': 'Danish', 'fa': 'Persian', 'hi': 'Hindi', 'fi': 'Finni
(lambda _globals, _print: [[[[[[(_print('\n'.join(map((lambda i: (lambda _locals: [' '.join(formatter.split()[:len(_locals['i'])]).format(*_locals['i']) for _locals['i'] in [(i)]][0])({})), after))), None)[1] for _globals['after'] in [((lambda before: (lambda _locals: [[_locals['before'][_locals['i']:(_locals['i'] + maksimal)] for _locals['i'] in range(0, len(_locals['before']), maksimal)] for _locals['before'] in [(before)]][0])({}))(range(1, (jumlah + 1))))]][0] for _globals['formatter'] in [(' '.join(map((lambda x: (lambda _locals: [(('{' + str(_locals['x'])) + (':>%s}' % jum_max)) for _locals['x'] in [(x)]][0])({})), range(maksimal))))]][0] for _globals['maksimal'] in [((((lebar / jum_max) + jum_max) + (lebar % jum_max)))]][0] for _globals['jum_max'] in [(len(str(jumlah)))]][0] for _globals['lebar'] in [(int(getattr(__import__('subprocess'), 'check_output')(['stty', 'size']).split()[0]))]][0] for _globals['jumlah'] in [(int(raw_input('jumlah list: ')))]][0])(globals(), __import__('__builtin__', level=0)._
zevtyardt /
Last active Jan 13, 2020
free fire code redeem
# @author: val (
# @created: 01 06 2019
# @fb:
import requests
r ="",
data='{"serialno":"KODE VOUCHER"}',
"Accept": "*/*",
zevtyardt /
Created Apr 24, 2019
ascii art with module curses
import random, string
import curses
import time
import re
import urllib
SLEEP = 0.05
def _ascii():
content = urllib.urlopen('').read()
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