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Gist to gather found info about using Native Instruments Maschine in Linux. Idea is to document found code samples, to make better experience using NI Hardware in Linux. I own Maschine Mikro MK3 and couldn't find anything how to work with it.

Maschine mikro MK3, and Maschine MK3, and probably others(?), have "Midi mode", but its not read midi mode. Its emulated using virtual midi device. In other words, device in "midi mode" still doesn't send any midi messages over usb. It only gets colored different, and screen says "Midi Mode". It still sends the same messages as in non Midi Mode, only software (driver) emulates it to use as midi.

After some searching found these projects, which has some support for NI hardware:

TLDR: Clone or my fork ( for mikro mk3 ). Build and run examples/daemon to get midi messages from supported hardware.

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