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Created December 6, 2017 02:14
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Python script to give 10000 Eden tokens in Binding of Isaac
# This gives 10000 Eden tokens.
import struct
CrcTable = [ 0x00000000L, 0x09073096L, 0x120E612CL, 0x1B0951BAL, 0xFF6DC419L, 0xF66AF48FL, 0xED63A535L, 0xE46495A3L, 0xFEDB8832L, 0xF7DCB8A4L, 0xECD5E91EL, 0xE5D2D988L, 0x01B64C2BL, 0x08B17CBDL, 0x13B82D07L, 0x1ABF1D91L, 0xFDB71064L, 0xF4B020F2L, 0xEFB97148L, 0xE6BE41DEL, 0x02DAD47DL, 0x0BDDE4EBL, 0x10D4B551L, 0x19D385C7L, 0x036C9856L, 0x0A6BA8C0L, 0x1162F97AL, 0x1865C9ECL, 0xFC015C4FL, 0xF5066CD9L, 0xEE0F3D63L, 0xE7080DF5L, 0xFB6E20C8L, 0xF269105EL, 0xE96041E4L, 0xE0677172L, 0x0403E4D1L, 0x0D04D447L, 0x160D85FDL, 0x1F0AB56BL, 0x05B5A8FAL, 0x0CB2986CL, 0x17BBC9D6L, 0x1EBCF940L, 0xFAD86CE3L, 0xF3DF5C75L, 0xE8D60DCFL, 0xE1D13D59L, 0x06D930ACL, 0x0FDE003AL, 0x14D75180L, 0x1DD06116L, 0xF9B4F4B5L, 0xF0B3C423L, 0xEBBA9599L, 0xE2BDA50FL, 0xF802B89EL, 0xF1058808L, 0xEA0CD9B2L, 0xE30BE924L, 0x076F7C87L, 0x0E684C11L, 0x15611DABL, 0x1C662D3DL, 0xF6DC4190L, 0xFFDB7106L, 0xE4D220BCL, 0xEDD5102AL, 0x09B18589L, 0x00B6B51FL, 0x1BBFE4A5L, 0x12B8D433L, 0x0807C9A2L, 0x0100F934L, 0x1A09A88EL, 0x130E9818L, 0xF76A0DBBL, 0xFE6D3D2DL, 0xE5646C97L, 0xEC635C01L, 0x0B6B51F4L, 0x026C6162L, 0x196530D8L, 0x1062004EL, 0xF40695EDL, 0xFD01A57BL, 0xE608F4C1L, 0xEF0FC457L, 0xF5B0D9C6L, 0xFCB7E950L, 0xE7BEB8EAL, 0xEEB9887CL, 0x0ADD1DDFL, 0x03DA2D49L, 0x18D37CF3L, 0x11D44C65L, 0x0DB26158L, 0x04B551CEL, 0x1FBC0074L, 0x16BB30E2L, 0xF2DFA541L, 0xFBD895D7L, 0xE0D1C46DL, 0xE9D6F4FBL, 0xF369E96AL, 0xFA6ED9FCL, 0xE1678846L, 0xE860B8D0L, 0x0C042D73L, 0x05031DE5L, 0x1E0A4C5FL, 0x170D7CC9L, 0xF005713CL, 0xF90241AAL, 0xE20B1010L, 0xEB0C2086L, 0x0F68B525L, 0x066F85B3L, 0x1D66D409L, 0x1461E49FL, 0x0EDEF90EL, 0x07D9C998L, 0x1CD09822L, 0x15D7A8B4L, 0xF1B33D17L, 0xF8B40D81L, 0xE3BD5C3BL, 0xEABA6CADL, 0xEDB88320L, 0xE4BFB3B6L, 0xFFB6E20CL, 0xF6B1D29AL, 0x12D54739L, 0x1BD277AFL, 0x00DB2615L, 0x09DC1683L, 0x13630B12L, 0x1A643B84L, 0x016D6A3EL, 0x086A5AA8L, 0xEC0ECF0BL, 0xE509FF9DL, 0xFE00AE27L, 0xF7079EB1L, 0x100F9344L, 0x1908A3D2L, 0x0201F268L, 0x0B06C2FEL, 0xEF62575DL, 0xE66567CBL, 0xFD6C3671L, 0xF46B06E7L, 0xEED41B76L, 0xE7D32BE0L, 0xFCDA7A5AL, 0xF5DD4ACCL, 0x11B9DF6FL, 0x18BEEFF9L, 0x03B7BE43L, 0x0AB08ED5L, 0x16D6A3E8L, 0x1FD1937EL, 0x04D8C2C4L, 0x0DDFF252L, 0xE9BB67F1L, 0xE0BC5767L, 0xFBB506DDL, 0xF2B2364BL, 0xE80D2BDAL, 0xE10A1B4CL, 0xFA034AF6L, 0xF3047A60L, 0x1760EFC3L, 0x1E67DF55L, 0x056E8EEFL, 0x0C69BE79L, 0xEB61B38CL, 0xE266831AL, 0xF96FD2A0L, 0xF068E236L, 0x140C7795L, 0x1D0B4703L, 0x060216B9L, 0x0F05262FL, 0x15BA3BBEL, 0x1CBD0B28L, 0x07B45A92L, 0x0EB36A04L, 0xEAD7FFA7L, 0xE3D0CF31L, 0xF8D99E8BL, 0xF1DEAE1DL, 0x1B64C2B0L, 0x1263F226L, 0x096AA39CL, 0x006D930AL, 0xE40906A9L, 0xED0E363FL, 0xF6076785L, 0xFF005713L, 0xE5BF4A82L, 0xECB87A14L, 0xF7B12BAEL, 0xFEB61B38L, 0x1AD28E9BL, 0x13D5BE0DL, 0x08DCEFB7L, 0x01DBDF21L, 0xE6D3D2D4L, 0xEFD4E242L, 0xF4DDB3F8L, 0xFDDA836EL, 0x19BE16CDL, 0x10B9265BL, 0x0BB077E1L, 0x02B74777L, 0x18085AE6L, 0x110F6A70L, 0x0A063BCAL, 0x03010B5CL, 0xE7659EFFL, 0xEE62AE69L, 0xF56BFFD3L, 0xFC6CCF45L, 0xE00AE278L, 0xE90DD2EEL, 0xF2048354L, 0xFB03B3C2L, 0x1F672661L, 0x166016F7L, 0x0D69474DL, 0x046E77DBL, 0x1ED16A4AL, 0x17D65ADCL, 0x0CDF0B66L, 0x05D83BF0L, 0xE1BCAE53L, 0xE8BB9EC5L, 0xF3B2CF7FL, 0xFAB5FFE9L, 0x1DBDF21CL, 0x14BAC28AL, 0x0FB39330L, 0x06B4A3A6L, 0xE2D03605L, 0xEBD70693L, 0xF0DE5729L, 0xF9D967BFL, 0xE3667A2EL, 0xEA614AB8L, 0xF1681B02L, 0xF86F2B94L, 0x1C0BBE37L, 0x150C8EA1L, 0x0E05DF1BL, 0x0702EF8DL ]
def Crc32(data):
start = 0xfedcba76L
crc = (~start) & 0xFFFFFFFF
for c in data:
value = CrcTable[ord(c) ^ (crc & 0xFF)]
crc = (crc >> 8) & 0xFFFFFFFF
crc ^= value
return (~crc) & 0xFFFFFFFF
def go():
filename = 'abp_persistentgamedata2.dat'
f = open(filename)
data =
# Check the checksum. If this doesn't match, the file format may have changed.
old_crc32 = struct.unpack('I', data[-4:])[0]
hashed_data = data[16:-4]
expected_crc32 = Crc32(data[16:-4])
if old_crc32 != expected_crc32:
print 'Invalid CRC32?'
# Set lots of Eden tokens.
data = data[0:0x01DD] + struct.pack('I', 10000) + data[0x01E1:]
# Update the CRC32.
new_crc32 = Crc32(data[16:-4])
new_data = data[:-4] + struct.pack('I', new_crc32)
open(filename, 'w+').write(new_data)
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hey, man i have a problem, when i put this visual studio code it gives me some errors, why does that happen

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