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@zgoda zgoda/main.cpp

Created Sep 6, 2016
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Basic ESP8266 WiFi frame capture
extern "C" {
#include <user_interface.h>
#include <Arduino.h>
802.11 Frame Control on 2 bytes
struct FrameControl {
uint8_t version:2;
uint8_t type:2;
uint8_t subtype:4;
uint8_t toDS:1;
uint8_t fromDS:1;
uint8_t MF:1;
uint8_t retry:1;
uint8_t pwr:1;
uint8_t more:1;
uint8_t w:1;
uint8_t o:1;
Following structs taken literally from Espressif SDK docs
struct RxControl {
signed rssi:8; // signal intensity of packet
unsigned rate:4;
unsigned is_group:1;
unsigned sig_mode:2; // 0:is 11n packet; 1:is not 11n packet;
unsigned legacy_length:12; // if not 11n packet, shows length of packet.
unsigned damatch0:1;
unsigned damatch1:1;
unsigned bssidmatch0:1;
unsigned bssidmatch1:1;
unsigned MCS:7; // if is 11n packet, shows the modulation and code used (range from 0 to 76)
unsigned CWB:1; // if is 11n packet, shows if is HT40 packet or not
unsigned HT_length:16;// if is 11n packet, shows length of packet.
unsigned Smoothing:1;
unsigned Not_Sounding:1;
unsigned Aggregation:1;
unsigned STBC:2;
unsigned FEC_CODING:1; // if is 11n packet, shows if is LDPC packet or not.
unsigned SGI:1;
unsigned rxend_state:8;
unsigned ampdu_cnt:8;
unsigned channel:4; //which channel this packet in.
struct LenSeq{
u16 len; // length of packet
u16 seq; // serial number of packet, the high 12bits are serial number, low 14 bits are Fragment number (usually be 0)
u8 addr3[6]; // the third address in packet
struct sniffer_buf{
struct RxControl rx_ctrl;
u8 buf[36]; // head of ieee80211 packet
u16 cnt; // number count of packet
struct LenSeq lenseq[1]; //length of packet
struct sniffer_buf2 {
struct RxControl rx_ctrl;
u8 buf[112];
u16 cnt;
u16 len; //length of packet
static const char MAC_FMT[] = "%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X";
static const uint8_t MAC1_BEGIN = 4;
static const uint8_t MAC2_BEGIN = 10;
static const uint8_t MAC3_BEGIN = 16;
static const uint8_t MAC_SIZE = 6;
POC packet sniffer and parser, we process only 100% valid frames that have all
required data (incomplete frames can be parsed if verified valid)
static void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR handle_pkt(uint8_t* buf, uint16_t len) {
if (len <= 12) {
return; // packet is invalid
if (len == 128) {
char mStr[20];
sniffer_buf2 *data = (sniffer_buf2 *)buf;
Serial.print(F("RSSI: "));
FrameControl *fc = (FrameControl *)data->buf;
sprintf(mStr, "t: %d; s: %d", fc->type, fc->subtype);
if (fc->type == 0 && fc->subtype == 4) {
type 0 - management frame
subtype 4 - probe request
uint8_t mac1[6];
for (size_t i = MAC1_BEGIN; i < MAC1_BEGIN + MAC_SIZE; i++) {
mac1[i - MAC1_BEGIN] = data->buf[i];
sprintf(mStr, MAC_FMT, mac1[0], mac1[1], mac1[2], mac1[3], mac1[4], mac1[5]);
Serial.print(F("MAC1: "));
uint8_t mac2[6];
for (size_t i = MAC2_BEGIN; i < MAC2_BEGIN + MAC_SIZE; i++) {
mac2[i - MAC2_BEGIN] = data->buf[i];
sprintf(mStr, MAC_FMT, mac2[0], mac2[1], mac2[2], mac2[3], mac2[4], mac2[5]);
Serial.print(F("MAC2: "));
uint8_t mac3[6];
for (size_t i = MAC3_BEGIN; i < MAC3_BEGIN + MAC_SIZE; i++) {
mac3[i - MAC3_BEGIN] = data->buf[i];
sprintf(mStr, MAC_FMT, mac3[0], mac3[1], mac3[2], mac3[3], mac3[4], mac3[5]);
Serial.print(F("MAC3: "));
void setup() {
void loop() {

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aminbaig commented Mar 25, 2017

Hi Jarek,

I like what you have done with the script. I am a beginner and was hoping if you could help me with elaborating this script a bit more. Basically I want to print the SSID, MAC address and date and time.


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Owner Author

zgoda commented Apr 12, 2017

You don't have any ssid in promiscuous mode. The device is just listening to what flies in the air.


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alexgrauer commented Aug 13, 2018

Hi @zgoda,

Is there a way of getting more than 112 bytes of the data? When I capture the probe request with Wireshark, the data in there is bigger than 112.
Do you know if thats an ESP's restriction?


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