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@zgoda zgoda/

Created Jun 28, 2020
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This is Python Markdown extension that adds support for centered blocks similar to Vuepress.
class CenterBlockProcessor(BlockProcessor):
RE_START = r'^->'
RE_END = r'<-$'
def test(self, parent, block):
return re.match(self.RE_START, block)
def run(self, parent, blocks):
original_block = blocks[0]
blocks[0] = re.sub(self.RE_START, '', blocks[0])
for block_num, block in enumerate(blocks):
if, block):
blocks[block_num] = re.sub(self.RE_END, '', block)
e = etree.SubElement(parent, 'div')
e.set('style', 'text-align:center')
self.parser.parseBlocks(e, blocks[0:block_num + 1])
for _ in range(0, block_num + 1):
return True
blocks[0] = original_block
return False
class CenterBlockExtension(Extension):
def extendMarkdown(self, md): # noqa: N802
CenterBlockProcessor(md.parser), 'centerblock', 175
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