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Last active Mar 11, 2021
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Add current merkle root to records and allow signature only on record. This can better support cold key storage.
import "util.scrypt";
contract Token {
public function transfer(bytes txPreimage, bytes fromRecord, bytes fromMerklePath, Sig senderSig,
bytes toRecord, bytes toMerklePath, bytes insertPoint, bytes insertPointMerklePath,
int amount, int utxoAmount) {
// this ensures the preimage is for the current tx
bytes sender = fromRecord[:32];
// authorize
require(checkSig(senderSig, PubKey(sender)));
//require(checkDataSig(fromRecord, senderSig, PubKey(sender)));
// read previous locking script
bytes lockingScript = Util.scriptCode(txPreimage);
int scriptLen = len(lockingScript);
int dataLen = 8;
int amountLength = 8;
int dataStart = scriptLen - dataLen;
bytes merkleRoot = lockingScript[dataStart:dataStart+32];
PubKey pk0 = PubKey(fromRecord[:32]);
int balance0 = unpack(fromRecord[32 : 32 + amountLength]);
PubKey pk1 = PubKey(toRecord[:32]);
int balance1 = unpack(toRecord[32 : 32 + amountLength]);
bytes newFromRecord = pk0+num2bin(balance0 - amount, amountLength)+merkleRoot;
bytes newToRecord = pk1+num2bin(balance1 + amount, amountLength)+merkleRoot;
merkleRoot = this.updateLeaf(sha256(fromRecord), sha256(newFromRecord), fromMerklePath, merkleRoot);
if (toMerklePath != b'') {
merkleRoot = this.updateLeaf(sha256(toRecord), sha256(newToRecord), toMerklePath, merkleRoot);
} else {
bytes insertPointHash = sha256(insertPoint);
merkleRoot = this.updateLeaf(insertPointHash, sha256(insertPointHash+sha256(newToRecord)), insertPointMerklePath, merkleRoot);
// write new locking script
bytes lockingScript_ = lockingScript[: dataStart] + merkleRoot;
bytes output = Util.buildOutput(lockingScript_, utxoAmount);
require(hash256(output) == Util.hashOutputs(txPreimage));
function calculateMerkleRoot(bytes leaf, bytes merklePath):bytes {
int i = 0;
int merklePathLength = len(merklePath)/33;
bytes merkleValue = leaf;
loop (20) {
if (i<merklePathLength) {
int left = unpack(merklePath[:i*33+33]);
if (left)
merkleValue = sha256(merkleValue + merklePath[i*33:i*33+32]);
merkleValue = sha256(merklePath[i*33:i*33+32] + merkleValue);
return merklePath;
function verifyLeaf(bytes leaf, bytes merklePath, bytes merkleRoot):bool {
bytes merkleValue = this.calculateMerkleRoot(leaf, merklePath);
return merkleValue==merkleRoot;
function updateLeaf(bytes oldLeaf, bytes leaf, bytes merklePath, bytes oldMerkleRoot): bytes {
require(this.verifyLeaf(oldLeaf, merklePath, oldMerkleRoot));
return this.calculateMerkleRoot(leaf, merklePath);
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zhangweis commented Sep 29, 2020

Added current merkle root to records and allow signature only on record. This can better support cold key storage.
A signature is not bounded to tx but to record. This allows a payment to be resembled in another tx by a 3rd party after state change without redoing a signature. And after payment is done, the signature can't be reused as the merkle root is changed.

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