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void booFunc(){
//Another way to create a shared pointer:
//Faster and safer/ Exception safe
shared_ptr<Dog> p = make_shared<Dog>("Ink");
shared_ptr<Dog> p1 = make_shared<Dog>("Gunner");
shared_ptr<Dog> p2 = make_shared<Dog>("Tank");
// In the following situation, Gunner is deleted
p1 = p2;
//p1 = nullptr;
//Sometimes we have to use constructor to create shared pointer
//instead of make_shared<class>(). We will take a look at below:
//using default deleter: operator delete
shared_ptr<Dog> p3 = make_shared<Dog>("Shooter");
//Define our own custome deleter
shared_ptr<Dog> p4 = shared_ptr<Dog>(new Dog("Tank"), [](Dog* p){cout << "Custome deleting."; delete p;});
//Dog[1] and Dog[2] have memory leak.
shared_ptr<Dog> p5(new Dog[3]);
//All 3 dogs will be deleted when p goes out of scope
shared_ptr<Dog> p6(new Dog[3], [](Dog* p){delete[] p;});
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