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Created July 13, 2019 17:16
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void test02(){
//unique pointer can access the same object at different time
unique_ptr<Dog> pD (new Dog("Gunner"));
unique_ptr<Dog> pD1 (new Dog("Smile"));
//Smile will be destroyed, and pD1 owns pD now
pD1 = move(pD);
//release() function will return the raw pointer. It will also
//change the ownership of unique pointer and set it to nullptr.
Dog* p = pD1.release();
//reset pD to other object, if unique pointer originally owns an
//object, that object will be deleted!
//pD.reset(new Dog(smokey));
//same as pD = nullptr
if(!pD1) { // pD1 is empty now
cout << "pD1 is empty now." <<endl;
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