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class PurchaseOrder
include DataMapper::Resource
storage_names[:default] = ...
property :id, Serial, :field => 'purchaseorderindex'
property :closed_date, Date, :field => 'closeddate'
has n, :items, :model => 'PurchaseOrderLineItem', :child_key => [:po_id, Integer], :deleted => false
class PurchaseOrderLineItem
include DataMapper::Resource
before :destroy, :check_receiving
storage_names[:default] = 'poitem'
property :id, Serial, :field => 'poitemindex'
property :cb3_id, Integer, :field => 'codebook3index'
property :po_id, Integer, :field => 'purchaseorderindex'
property :deleted, Boolean, :default => false, :field => 'deleteflag'
belongs_to :po, :model => 'PurchaseOrder', :child_key => [:po_id, Integer]
I want to get the lasted *purchased* PurchaseOrderLineItem which has the cb3_id = xxxx.
1. purchased - the closed purchase order
2. latest - has to be ordered by purchaseOrder closed_date.desc
3. I want the line item(not the order) which is specified by cb3_id
Here is the query(which is simplified):
PurchaseOrder.first(:completed => 'yes', :order => [:closed_date.desc], 'items.cb3_id' => 17633333).items.first(:cb3_id => 1763333)
I have to do the second cb3_id against the items, because that order might have several line items.
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