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zhuowei/hv.m Secret

Created April 2, 2022 19:46
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// Decompiled by hand (based-ish on a Ghidra decompile) from Hypervisor.framework on macOS 12.0b1
@import Darwin;
#include <assert.h>
typedef uint64_t hv_return_t;
typedef void* hv_vm_config_t;
__attribute__((naked)) uint64_t hv_trap(unsigned int hv_call, void* hv_arg) {
asm volatile("mov x16, #-0x5\n"
"svc 0x80\n"
struct hv_vm_create_kernel_args {
uint64_t field_0; // 0x0
uint64_t field_8; // 0x8
int32_t field_10; // 0x10
uint32_t unused_14; // 0x14
int32_t field_18; // 0x18
static_assert(sizeof(struct hv_vm_create_kernel_args) == 0x20, "hv_vm_create_kernel_args size");
const struct hv_vm_create_kernel_args kDefaultVmCreateKernelArgs = {
.field_0 = 0,
.field_8 = 0,
.field_10 = 0,
.unused_14 = 0,
.field_18 = 1,
hv_return_t hv_vm_create(hv_vm_config_t config) {
struct hv_vm_create_kernel_args args = kDefaultVmCreateKernelArgs;
if (config) {
// TODO(zhuowei): figure this out?
return hv_trap(HV_CALL_VM_CREATE, &args);
int main() {
hv_return_t err = hv_vm_create(nil);
printf("%llx\n", err);
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