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Huawei Nexus 6P Angler fastboot commands
List grabbed from running `strings` on the bootloader; it's probably incomplete.
Most of these commands are untested, and all of them sound like they can seriously break your phone. Be careful.
Tested: (all on a bootloader unlocked device)
fastboot oem uart enable: changes "Console" on the bootloader screen to say "ttyHSL0,115200,n8";
probably enables serial messages; haven't checked since I don't know where the Nexus 6P's uart is
fastboot oem ramdump enable: changes "Download mode" on the bootloader screen to say "ENABLED" instead of "DISABLED".
Probably for dumping memory using QCT's Memory Debug App in download mode - I don't know how to activate Download Mode though, since the usual key sequence (Vol Up and Vol Down) didn't work
fastboot oem ramdump disable: changes "Download mode" back to "DISABLED"
fastboot oem get-imei1: prints the IMEI
fastboot oem get-meid: prints the MEID
fastboot oem get-sn: prints the serial number
fastboot oem get-bsn: doesn't work; prints "remote: get bsn fail"
Full list:
flashing unlock
oem unlock-go
oem frp-unlock
oem frp-erase
oem enable reduced-version
flashing lock
oem device-info
flashing get_unlock_ability
oem enable-charger-screen
oem disable-charger-screen
oem enable-bp-tools
oem disable-bp-tools
oem enable-hw-factory
oem disable-hw-factory
oem select-display-panel
oem off-mode-charge enable
oem off-mode-charge disable
oem ramdump enable
oem ramdump disable
oem uart enable
oem uart disable
oem hwdog certify begin
oem hwdog certify close
oem get-imei1
oem get-meid
oem get-sn
oem get-bsn

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@S1CAR1US S1CAR1US commented Apr 19, 2018

Just to add to your notes in the beginning... to enter download mode on any phone, I have been successful with phone booted into normal system, using ADB...
ADB reboot download
This is also the easiest way to enter any of the boot modes for phones where key combos may be different;
ADB reboot recovery
ADB reboot bootloader
and of course just
ADB reboot

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