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zhurongze / more-perf_counter
Created Dec 17, 2013
add more perf counter in FileStore::_do_transaction
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diff -u -r ceph-0.67.3/src/os/ ceph-0.67.3-rongze/src/os/
--- ceph-0.67.3/src/os/ 2013-09-09 19:47:34.000000000 +0000
+++ ceph-0.67.3-rongze/src/os/ 2013-12-17 04:16:28.964417431 +0000
@@ -473,6 +473,50 @@
plb.add_time_avg(l_os_commit_lat, "commitcycle_latency");
plb.add_u64_counter(l_os_j_full, "journal_full");
plb.add_time_avg(l_os_queue_lat, "queue_transaction_latency_avg");
+ plb.add_time_avg(l_os_lfn_open_lat, "lfn_open_lat");
+ plb.add_time_avg(l_os_lseek_lat, "lseek_lat");
+ plb.add_time_avg(l_os_writefd_lat, "writefd_latency");
zhurongze / add-rbd-imagebackend-for-nova
Created Aug 30, 2013
This is a patch for "add-rbd-imagebackend-for-nova", it is base on Nova-2013.2.b2, because we need to use fedora openstack-nova rpm specs for building our rpms. If the flag libvirt_images_rbd_clone_image == false, Nova will download directly image from Glance. If the flag is true, Nova will clone image from Glance's Ceph pool and there isn't dat…
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From 9ad0efe74436b0dab934295cef3ccf07dfe0d511 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Rongze Zhu <>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 10:09:46 +0800
Subject: [PATCH] Add rbd imagebackend for Nova
add three flag for rbd imagebackend:
* libvirt_images_rbd_pool
* libvirt_images_rbd_ceph_conf
* libvirt_images_rbd_clone_image
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