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Last active Mar 3, 2020
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Register Doctrine Mongo ODM Symfony Commands with Laravel (v6.0) Artisan
// app/Console/Kernel.php
namespace App\Console;
use Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\ClearCache\MetadataCommand;
use Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\{GenerateHydratorsCommand, GeneratePersistentCollectionsCommand, GenerateProxiesCommand, QueryCommand};
use Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\Schema\{CreateCommand, DropCommand, ShardCommand, UpdateCommand, ValidateCommand};
use Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Helper\DocumentManagerHelper;
use Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Schedule;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Console\Kernel as ConsoleKernel;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\App;
class Kernel extends ConsoleKernel
* The Artisan commands provided by your application.
* @var array
protected $commands = [
* Define the application's command schedule.
protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule): void
* Register the commands for the application.
protected function commands(): void
$this->load(__DIR__ . '/Commands');
require base_path('routes/console.php');
// Registering these commands in the testing environment probably isn't going to help your memory usage, so don't bother.
if (env('APP_ENV') !== 'testing') {
* Register all Doctrine Mongo ODM Symfony commands so they're available to call through Artisan.
protected function registerDoctrineCommands()
$commands = [
new MetadataCommand,
new CreateCommand,
new DropCommand,
new ShardCommand,
new UpdateCommand,
new ValidateCommand,
new GenerateHydratorsCommand,
new GeneratePersistentCollectionsCommand,
new GenerateProxiesCommand,
new QueryCommand,
// Add DocumentManager to existing Artisan/Symfony HelperSet as commands need it.
$helperSet = $this->getArtisan()->getHelperSet();
$helperSet->set(new DocumentManagerHelper(App::get(''))); // Retrieve your DocumentManager here however it's configured.
// Register each command.
foreach ($commands as $command) {
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